BISP Helpline Number / BISP helpdesk be reached Easy way 2023

BISP Helpline Number

In modern society, deserving and impoverished families must have access to government support programs. Initiatives like Pakistan’s Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) are designed to help those in need financially. On the other hand, beneficiaries occasionally run into problems or have inquiries about the program. We’ll walk you through how to call the BISP support number and properly handle your concerns in this article.

Just Why file a complaint?

In the event that you are a BISP program beneficiary and experience issues, it is critical to understand that you have the option to file a complaint. These problems could be anything from irregular payments to trouble registering. By doing this, you may be sure that your issues are acknowledged and dealt with right away.

BISP Helpline Number:

The Benazir Program updated its services in September, making it easier for recipients to use them. By calling the BISP Helpline Number, you can now register for the Benazir Income Support Program from the comfort of your own home.

Details of Contact:

The following phone numbers can be used to get in touch with the BISP helpline:

  • Call 0800-26477 to speak with BISP professionals about your issues or file complaints. This number is toll-free.
  • 051-9281132: An additional number to call BISP assistance and make sure your problems are promptly fixed.
BISP Helpline Number
BISP Helpline Number

Online Enrollment:

The BISP Ehsaas Program allows online registration for enhanced convenience. You can register using this service without physically going to a BISP office.

Particular Support for Older and Disabled People

Registering for BISP via the Helpline:

BISP is aware of the particular difficulties that older and disabled people encounter. The opportunity to register via the BISP hotline is one of the ways they make their registration procedure more accessible. The helpline is available to help if you have an older relative or family member who is disabled and finds it difficult to get to a Benazir office.

Concern Regarding the BISP Payment Receiving Issue”

Beneficiaries occasionally run into issues getting their BISP benefits. Problems with thumbprint verification and unapproved deductions are most frequent. It’s important to realize that there shouldn’t be any deductions made from the Benazir Income Support Program payments. The assistance is totally free of charge and provided by the government.

You can report any issues you have with the money collection procedure right away by calling the helplines that have been provided, including any unlawful deductions or trouble confirming your thumbprint.

Final Word:

Benazir Income Support Program beneficiaries might greatly benefit from the BISP helpline number. These hotlines are available to assist you with registration, reports of problems with payment collection, and program-related inquiries. Keep in mind that the BISP team is committed to making sure you get the service you deserve and that your issues are taken seriously.


How can the BISP helpdesk be reached?

0800-26477 or 051-9281132 are the numbers you can use to get in touch with the BISP helpdesk.

Could I sign up online for BISP?

 For increased convenience, you can register for the BISP Ehsaas Program online.

Who is eligible to register via the BISP helpline? 

For elderly and disabled people who might find it difficult to visit a Benazir office for registration, there is a dedicated BISP helpline.

If I have problems getting my BISP payment collected, what should I do?

 You should contact the helpline numbers listed right away to report any issues you have, such as undesired deductions or problems with thumbprint verification.

Is there a fee for making BISP payments?

 No deductions of any kind should be made from BISP payments. The government provides them totally free of charge to support worthy families.

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