Comming Soon BISP Tehsil Office Big Update November 2023 بے نظیر8171 پیسے آگے

BISP Tehsil Office 8171 November Update 2023

The BISP Office holds immense significance in the implementation of the 8171 program. It acts as a crucial link to ensure the program’s benefits reach the intended recipients effectively.

Ehsaas SMS Payment Code 8267

BISP Tehsil. Office in Karachi City New Details 2023 

Among the regional BISP offices, the one in Karachi holds particular importance. This BISP Office in Karachi caters to the financial needs of vulnerable individuals residing in poverty. To Registration in the New BISP Program November 2023, Karachi residents can visit their nearest BISP Office. Prospective applicants can register in person at the BISP Office in Karachi, presenting the required documentation. Alternatively, they can contact the BISP service at 0800-26477 for further assistance.

BISP Office in Lahore City

For the residents of Lahore, the local BTO serves as the registration hub for the New BISP Program 2023. Aspiring candidates can conveniently complete the BISP Dynamic Survey online or visit the BISP Office in Lahore, equipped with the necessary documents. The closest BISP Office in Lahore handles the disbursement of financial support under the program.

BISP Head Office in Islamabad City

The head quarters of the Benazir Income Support Program is situated in Islamabad, Pakistan’s capital city. The BISP Head Office acts as the central hub, overseeing and coordinating the program’s nationwide operations.

For more information, visit the official BISP website or contact the respective offices directly.

Saeedabad BISP Office City

The Saeedabad BISP Office stands as a nearby hub of assistance for the local community. It marks the commencement of the BISP Dynamic Survey Online Registration in Saeedabad.

Residents of Saeedabad are encouraged to visit their nearest BISP Office for the BISP Dynamic Survey Registration 2023. The necessary documentation can be submitted at the BISP Office in Saeedabad to avail of cash aid.

BISP Tehsil Office

Benefits of BTO 2023.

Poverty Reduction.

The BISP Tehsil Office plays a vital role in alleviating poverty across Pakistan. By extending financial assistance to the most vulnerable sections of society, BISP enhances their living standards. The monthly stipend provided by BISP enables families to fulfill their basic needs, including food, shelter, and education.

Bisp updates

Bisp New Registration Eligibility Criteria October 2023:

To be eligible for financial assistance from BTO, applicants must meet specific criteria. Primary eligibility requirements include:

  • Pakistani citizenship
  • Household income below the poverty line
  • Ownership of property or assets within a specified threshold

BISP Head Office Address

Benazir Income Support Program operates through a wide network across Pakistan, with BISP Head Offices in every district and Tehsil Offices in local areas. The main BISP Head Office is situated at the Pak Secretariat in Islamabad, Pakistan, specifically at BISP Secret.

Bisp 8171 new payment October 2023بے نظیر8171 پیسے آگے ۔

The new BISP 8171 payment for October 2023 is expected to be disbursed by the end of the month. However, the exact date of disbursement has not yet been announced by BISP.

You can check the status of your BISP payment by visiting the BISP website or by calling the BISP helpline at 8171.

Here are the steps to check the status of your BISP payment online:

  • Go to the BISP website:
  • Click on the “Check Payment Status” tab.
  • Enter your CNIC number in the given field and click on “Submit”.
  • You will see the status of your BISP payment on the screen
bisp tehsil office

To check your BISP balance, you can follow these steps Using new Method.

  • Visit the New official website of BISP.
  • Log in to your BISP account using your credentials (username and password).
  • Look for the option to check your balance or view your account details.
  • Follow the instructions provided on the website to access your BISP balance information 2023.

Tehsil Office Contact Details

CityTehsil OfficeAddressContact
LahoreBISP, Regional Office, Punjab140 Karim Pk St, Karim Block Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan+92 42 99203439
KarachiBISP Survey Team Shalimar OfficeH8HX+H5R, Road, Swami Nagar Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan+92 42 37350377
IslamabadBISP Headquarter IslamabadBISP, P3QW+PM9 P Block, f-block Red Zone, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan+92 51 9109000
FaisalabadBISP Registration centerC43P+964, Akbar Colony, Faisalabad, Punjab 38000, Pakistan+92 41 9201824
RawalpindiBISP Divisional Office RawalpindiH3MV+QMP, Chaklala Scheme 3 Chaklala Housing Scheme 3, Rawalpindi, Punjab 46000, Pakistan+92 51 51580690
MultanBISP office6FVW+93F, Model Town B Block B Model Town, Multan, Punjab, Pakistan+92 61 9210289
HyderabadBISP Office HyderabadHouse 12, Street 14, Block-A, Latifabad, Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan+92 22 9200281
GujranwalaBISP Office Gujranwala3PF9+P2J, Gujranwala Rd, near Zivraj Resturent, Officers Colony, Hafizabad, Punjab, Pakistan+92 55 9200577
PeshawarBISP2G56+RM8, Tehkal, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan+92 91 9210366
AbbottabadBISP Office Havelian3547+4X2, Havelian, Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan+92 992 9200328
QuettaBISP ,Tehsil Office QuettaHouse 27, Street 14, Block-A, Satellite Town, Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan+92 81 9200361

Final word:

The BISP Tehsil Office plays a vital role in poverty reduction by providing financial assistance to the most vulnerable segments of society. Despite challenges such as fraudulent activities and low literacy rates, BTO continues to make a significant impact in powering individuals, improving literacy rates, and reducing poverty.


What is BISP Tehsil Office?

BISP Office is a government initiative aimed at providing financial assistance to the most vulnerable segments of society.

What Is BISP Mailing Address?

BISP Mailing Address Benazir Income Support Program F- Block, Pak Secretariat, Islamabad.
Head Quarter Exchange Number BISP051-9246326, Call Center Number 0800- 26477

Can I Apply For The BISP Program Online?

Yes, all eligible candidates can apply for the BISP program online. One has to register by visiting the official website of BISP and submit all the necessary documents.

How Can I Check My BISP Payment?

You can visit the official BISP website, or check your BISP program balance online using the BISP mobile app. You just need to enter your CNIC number or BISP ID to view your balance and payment details

How can I check my BISP registration status?

To check your BISP registration eligibility, visit the BISP website and go to the registration check section. Enter your CNIC number, and the system will display your registration status.

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