Great News Ehsaas Nai Zindagi Program Latest Update December 2023 

Ehsaas Nai Zindagi Program Latest Update

In the realm of social protection programs and programs, one action stands out as a lamp of stopgap for the victims of acid attacks the Ehsaas Nai Zindagi Program. This groundbreaking program, orchestrated by the Punjab Social Protection Authority( PSPA) under the Punjab Ehsan Program, aims to give a fresh launch and holistic support to those who have suffered the traumatic and life- altering consequences of acid attacks. ehuner ehsaas program

Great News Ehsaas Nai Zindagi Program Latest Update December 2023 

In a recent update, the government has announced that the Ehsaas Nai Zindagi Program will be expanded to include more survivors. The program will now provide financial assistance of up to Rs. 10 lakhs to survivors, as well as access to medical treatment, psychological counseling, and skill development training.

The primary ideal of the Ehsaas Nai Zindagi Program is to restrict acid attack survivors into the socio- profitable fabric of society. It recognizes the need for not only physical mending but also cerebral recuperation to insure victims can rebuild their lives. 

PSPA has forged a remarkable collaboration with the Department of Medical Education to give comprehensive medical treatment and cerebral comforting for acid attack survivors. This cooperation underscores the program’s commitment to addressing the multifaceted requirements of the survivors. 

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Online Registration 

Access to recuperation programs can be a lifeline for survivors, significantly perfecting their health and quality of life while reducing their dependence on healthcare services. The Ehsaas Nai Zindagi Program is a pivotal step towards mainstreaming survivors and empowering them to lead fulfilling lives. bisp mazdoor card

Eligibility Criteria 

The Ehsas Nai Zindagi Program is specifically designed for the victims of acid attacks in Punjab. To be eligible for registration, individualities must meet the following criteria 

  •  Must be a victim of an acid attack. 
  •  retain a valid identity card number( CNIC) or B- Form. 
  •  give detailed information about the incident, including a dupe of the FIR. 
  •  Suffer from an acid- related medical condition. 
Ehsaas Nai Zindagi Program

Need documents:

aspirants seeking backing from the program must submit the following documents 

  •  Valid CNIC or B- Form 
  •  FIR related to the acid attack incident 

How to Register for the Punjab Ehsaas Nai Zindagi Program 

  • Registering for the Ehsas Nai Zindagi Program is a straightforward process for acid attack survivors. 
  • Then is how to get started insure you meet the eligibility criteria. 
  • Have your valid public ID card number and FIR ready.Visit your nearest sanitarium and interrogate about the program. 
  • Begin the enrollment process to pierce the medical treatment and support you need. 

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Final Word:

The Ehsas Nai Zindagi Program stands as a symbol of stopgap and adaptability for acid attack survivors in Punjab. By furnishing comprehensive support, it not only mends physical injuries but also nurtures the spirit of those who have suffered unconceivable pain. Together with the Punjab Social BISP Program Protection Authority and the Department of Medical Education, this program is making a profound difference in the lives of survivors, offering them a chance to reclaim their quality and rebuild their futures. 


Who can profit from the Ehsas Nai Zindagi Program? 

The program is designed for acid attack victims in Punjab who meet the eligibility criteria. 

What support does the program offer to survivors? 

The program provides medical treatment, cerebral comforting, social rights protection, chops training, and interest-free loans for tone- employment. 

How can I register for the program? 

To register, insure you meet the eligibility criteria, have a valid CNIC or B- Form, and visit your nearest sanitarium for enrollment . 

Is the program limited to recent acid attack victims? 

Yes, the program is designed for recent victims seeking a new launch in life. 

What charges does the program cover for survivors? 

The program covers skin transplant treatments and provides fiscal support for acid attack survivors. 

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