Great News eHunar Online Registration November Update 2023 / Free Online Courses

eHunar Online Registration

particularly in the environment of Pakistan. This program aims to give employment openings, especially in the IT sector, through free online courses. Then is a breakdown of the crucial points you’ve mentioned 

Program Overview 

The eHunar program offers free online courses to promote employment and the IT sector in Pakistan. 

The program encompasses colorful fields including freelancing,e-commerce, and other online work openings. 

The government’s thing is to give employment to individualities who are floundering to find jobs. 

eHunar Kamyab Jawan

This action focuses on furnishing employment to the youth through the eHunar Online Registration 2023 Free Online Courses online courses due to the grueling profitable situation in Pakistan. 

The program is designed to help youthful people who are searching for jobs and openings. 

 eHunarmand Jawan Program 

The government is emphasizing online work openings to address the severance issue in Pakistan. 

24 online courses are offered for free under this program to help people earn a living. 

eHunar Online Registration

 Eligibility Criteria 

Actors need to fulfill certain terms and give necessary documents to be part of the eHunar program. 

A test is needed to qualify for the program. 

 Meeting specific educational criteria is essential. 

 eHuna Helpline 

 Contact Number 04237495999 

 Address Lahore 

 Courses List 

Kamyab Jawan Program 

The program offers colorful courses including but not limited to 

  •  Web development 
  •  Graphic design 
  •  Virtual Assistant 
  •  Dropshipping 
  • E-commerce 
  •  SEO( Hunt Machine Optimization) 
  •  Fiverr 
  •  Freelancing 
  •  videotape editing 
  •  Online exploration 
  •  videotape vitality 
  •  Voiceover work 
  •  Copywriting 
  •  client service 
  •  Audio editing 
  •  Online deals 
  •  Digital Marketing 
  •  Web design 
  •  Virtual editing plans 
  •  Web exploration 
  •  Online secretary 
  •  operation Process 
  1. Interested individualities need to apply for the program. 
  2. They will be needed to pass a test, achieving around 50 marks. 
  3. There’s a figure of Rs 2,000 to join the program. 

Please note that this information is grounded on the textbook you’ve handed and may not reflect the most over- to- date details ordevelopments. However, it’s recommended to reach out to the handed contact information or visit the sanctioned website of the eHunar program, If you’re interested in applying for the program or need farther information. 

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