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Female Social Worker in Pakistan

In Islamabad, Pakistan, there’s an inspiring narrative of strong women leaders who have made significant benefactions in colorful sectors, from husbandry to technology, perfecting both public and transnational fronts, and fostering the development of their country. In festivity of International Women’s Day, we spotlight ten Pakistani women who are calling Female Social Worker in Pakistan serve as part models for millions and are inspiring generations of girls worldwide.

Sania Nishtar – Champion of Health and Development:

Female Social Worker in Pakistan is Sania Nishtar, the current Special Adjunct to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection, is a hot leader with a profound understanding of her field. As a global authority in health and development,Dr. Nishtar spearheads the government’s flagship social protection program, Ehsaas. Her sweats are devoted to bridging the wealth gap, securing the country’s most vulnerable population, and enhancing healthcare systems in Pakistan. With a P.h.D. from King’s College London and multitudinous public and transnational accolades,Dr. Nishtar is a symbol of excellence.

Sarah Qureshi – Pioneering Aerospace mastermind:

Sarah Qureshi, is also a Female Social Worker in Pakistan.she is Pakistani aerospace mastermind, is breaking walls in a field with a significant gender gap in specialized and leadership places. She’s working on creating the world’s first contrail-free aircraft machine to combat aeronautics- convinced global warming and promote environmentally safe air trip. With a Master’s degree in Aerospace Dynamics and aPh.D. in Aerospace Propulsion from Cranfield University, UK,Dr. Qureshi is a trailblazer in her assiduity.

Sana Mir – A Cricket Star and Trailblazer:

Sana Mir is synonymous with women’s justice in Pakistan. Her determination and passion have shattered the glass ceiling for womanish cricketers, making her a source of alleviation for the youngish generation. Sana held the top spot in women’s ODI rankings in 2018 and boasts an emotional record of 226 transnational matches, including 137 as captain. She’s among the many women cricketers to achieve 100 ODI lattices and 1,000 runs in ODI matches, leaving an unforgettable mark on the sport.

Lieutenant General Nigar Johar – A Historic Military Leader:

Lieutenant General Nigar Johar is the first woman in Pakistan’s history to achieve the prestigious three- star general rank. Promoted in 2020, she has also been appointed as the first womanish surgeon general of the Pakistan Army. Her remarkable trip, starting as a pimp in 1981, involved climbing through the species, leading an fortified forces sanitarium, and setting a high standard for leadership. Her fidelity to excellence in healthcare is paving the way for unborn womanish leaders.

Muniba Mazari – Advocate, Artist, and Motivational Speaker:

Muniba Mazari, Pakistan’s first UN Goodwill Ambassador for gender equivalency and the commission of women and girls, is amulti-faceted part model. Despite a life- altering auto accident at the age of 21, Muniba converted her pain into strength and surfaced as an activist, artist, songster, and motivational speaker. She advocates for women and girls who have endured demarcation or violence and raises mindfulness about child violence and abuse. Muniba is affectionately known as the” iron woman of Pakistan.”

Female Social Worker in Pakistan

Jehan Ara – Tech Leader and Advocate:

Jehan Ara, the President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES(P@SHA), is a motivator, entrepreneur, and advocate for using technology to empower communities. With nearly three decades of experience in marketing, she’s pushing for online sequestration and data protection legislation. Her Women’s Virtual Network action connects educated women with implicit employers, instructors, and peers, expanding openings for professional women.

Shazia Parveen – Pakistan’s First Female Firefighter:

Shazia Parveen holds the title of Pakistan’s first womanish firefighter. Her trip began in 2010 in the Vehari quarter of Punjab. Passionate about saving lives, Shazia served as a fire educator at the Punjab Emergency Services Academy, inspiring other youthful girls to pursue unconventional careers.

Karishma Ali – Footballer and Champion of Girls’ Sports:

Karishma Ali, a footballer from the remote vale of Chitral, is the first girl from her birthplace to play football at a public and transnational position. Named among Forbes’ 30 under 30, she’s also the author of the Chitral Women’s Sports Club, encouraging youthful girls in her region to share in sports and furnishing support for women’s crafts.

In conclusion:

Female Social Worker in Pakistan are Pakistan’s remarkable women leaders are breaking boundaries and inspiring generations of girls worldwide. Their fidelity, perseverance, and benefactions to colorful fields aren’t only changing their nation but also leaving an unforgettable mark on the global stage.


Who’s Pakistan’s first womanish three- star general?

Lieutenant General Nigar Johar holds the distinction of being Pakistan’s first woman three- star general.

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