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The part of Food Service Worker at SeaView’s Recovery Center

When it comes to furnishing top- quality care in a probative and nurturing terrain, SeaView’s Recovery Center stands as a lamp of stopgap. At SeaView, we understand the integral part nutrition plays in the recovery process, and we’re on the lookout for a professed and compassionate Food Service Worker to join our devoted platoon.

Compensation Package

Hourly Rate$ 18 per hour

As a Food Service Worker, you will earn a competitive hourly pay envelope of$ 18, which reflects the significance of your part in our guests’ recovery trip.

Staff Housing

We watch about your comfort and convenience. We give completely furnished casing during your employment with us, from the current date until May 31, 2024. This casing comes at a modest payroll deduction, and while we understand the significance of faves.


We have got you covered. All mileage charges will be taken care of, icing a solicitude-free living terrain, so you can concentrate on your work and our guests.

In moment’s digital age, staying connected is essential. You will have access to high- speed internet for particular and professional use, making your life at SeaView indeed more accessible.

Job Extension

still, and we hope you are, your position can be extended past May 31, If you are the perfect fit for our platoon. still, please note that casing vacuity may change at that time.

Job Description

As a Food Service Worker at SeaView’s Recovery Center, you’ll play a vital part in our guests’ recovery trip. Your liabilities will include

  • You’ll be responsible for preparing high- quality, nutritional, and mouthwatering refections for our guests and staff at SeaView. Your culinary chops will be pivotal in icing our guests have access to the stylish food possible during their recovery.
  • Efficiently manage the force of food and inventories to insure that all particulars are well- grazed and fresh. Your attention to detail will make a difference in our guests’ dining experience.
  • Prepare breakfast and refections for the weekend, which can be reheated and served as demanded. Your forward- thinking approach will insure that our guests always have access to succulent and nutritional food.
  • Maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the kitchen area. A clean kitchen isn’t only a safe bone but also contributes to the overall well- being of our guests.
  • Unite with the center’s platoon to meet the salutary requirements and preferences of our guests. Your capability to work harmoniously with your associates will make the recovery process smoother for everyone.

Work Schedule

Your work schedule as a Food Service Worker at SeaView’s Recovery Center will be

  • Monday to Friday
  • 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM



  • High academy parchment or GED.


  • former experience in a food service part is preferred.


  • Strong knowledge of food medication, force operation, and kitchen safety.
  • Capability to stand for extended ages and lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Excellent interpersonal chops, with a strong focus on customer service.
  • Capability to work in a presto- paced, high- stress terrain.
  • Valid motorist’s license, satisfactory driving record, CPR, and First Aid instrument.
  • Must be at least 18 times old.
  • TB test,pre-employment medicine/ alcohol webbing, and a felonious background check are needed.


Working at SeaView’s Recovery Center comes with a host of benefits, including

  1. Competitive payment/ benefit structure.
  2. openings to gain hands- on experience across several different areas, working with passionate platoon members in support of our charge.
  3. Hand medical/ dental content.
  4. Retirement benefits.
  5. weeks of holiday in your first time, with incremental increases up to7.2 weeks a time.

Join Our platoon

At SeaView’s Recovery Center, we’re proud to be an equal occasion employer. We value diversity and encourage all good individualities toapply.However, we invite you to join us, If you are looking to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our guests and be a part of a probative and nurturing platoon.


Recovery is a trip, and at SeaView’s Recovery Center, we believe that every small donation makes a significant impact on our guests’ lives. As a Food Service Worker, your part isn’t just a job; it’s an occasion to be part of a platoon that changes lives. We look forward to drinking you to our platoon and creating a brighter future together.

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