A Big Shock To Tha Us Doller Against Tha Pakistani Rupees 22 October 2023

Dollar Rate in Pakistani Rupees Today

An In-Depth Analysis In the world of finance and trading, the exchange rate of the US Dollar (USD) against the Pakistani Rupees (PKR) is a subject of great significance. Investors, traders, and the general public often keep a close eye on the Dollar rate in Pakistan today, as it can have a profound impact on the country’s economic landscape. In this article, we will delve into the dynamics of the Dollar rate in Pakistan and explore its implications on the open market and international trade.

Open Market Doller Rates in Pakistan

The open market is a critical component of any country’s economy. It signifies a free flow of trade, where there are no barriers or restrictions on the buying and selling of goods between countries. In an open market, there are typically no taxes or tariffs imposed. But , the interest rates applied to these trades are determined by the government and central banks, such as the Federal Reserves in the case of the United States.

New DateCountry SymbolBuying Price Selling Price
22-10-2023 USD280.8 PKR283.5 PKR
21-10-2023 USD280.8 PKR283.5 PKR
20-10-2023 USD280.5 PKR283.2 PKR
19-10-2023 USD279.25 PKR282 PKR
18-10-2023 USD280 PKR282 PKR
18-08-2023 USD301.5 PKR303.8 PKR
17-08-2023 USD302 PKR304 PKR
16-08-2023 USD301.5 PKR303.5 PKR
15-08-2023 USD299.1 PKR302 PKR
14-08-2023 USD295 PKR298 PKR
13-08-2023 USD295 PKR298 PKR
12-08-2023 USD295 PKR298 PKR
11-08-2023 USD295 PKR298 PKR
10-08-2023 USD293.6 PKR296.5 PKR
09-08-2023 USD293.8 PKR296.7 PKR
08-08-2023 USD293.6 PKR296.5 PKR
07-08-2023 USD291.6 PKR294.5 PKR
06-08-2023 USD290 PKR293 PKR
05-08-2023 USD290 PKR293 PKR
04-08-2023 USD289.5 PKR292.5 PKR
03-08-2023 USD290 PKR293 PKR
02-08-2023 USD289 PKR292 PKR
01-08-2023 USD288 PKR291 PKR
31-07-2023 USD289.5 PKR292.5 PKR
30-07-2023 USD289 PKR292 PKR
29-07-2023 USD289 PKR292 PKR
28-07-2023 USD289 PKR292 PKR
27-07-2023 USD289 PKR292 PKR
26-07-2023 USD291.5 PKR294 PKR
25-07-2023 USD292 PKR294.5 PKR
Us Doller Against Tha Pakistani Rupees

Currency Conversion Rate

Apart from trading goods, currency exchange is another critical aspect of international trade. To engage in buying and selling products with other countries, it is essential to convert open market rates into other currencies. This exchange of currencies is often referred to as foreign exchange rates. International banks typically determine these rates on a worldwide scale, while the Central Bank of a country is responsible for regulating its national currency and maintaining a balance in the foreign exchange market.

In Pakistan, the State Bank of Pakistan acts as the Central Bank and sets the foreign exchange rate on a daily basis. This rate is crucial for international trade and investment, as it directly impacts the cost of goods and services.

Pakistani Rupees
Pakistani Rupees

Accessing Dollar Rates and Forex Exchange

To facilitate the process of monitoring currency exchange rates, various online services are available. These services provide accurate and up-to-date forex exchange rates. Websites like the one you are on can offer real-time information on the Dollar rate in Pakistan today. This allows users to easily access tables displaying live forex rates in Pakistani Rupees, along with buying and selling values for different currencies.

In addition to the USD to PKR rate, users can also check the rates for other currencies, including the Australian Dollar (AUD) to PKR rate, Saudi Riyal to PKR rate, Emirati Dirham (AED) to PKR rate, and more. These rates are essential for individuals and businesses engaged in international trade, as they provide insights into the cost of transactions and investments.

Currency Exchange Rates

It’s important to note that the currency exchange rates provided on this page are obtained from various sources in the money market. These rates are for informational purposes only and are not intended as financial advice or trading recommendations. If you are considering trading or currency exchange, please consult with your local money market or financial institution for daily updated rates and expert guidance.


The Dollar rate in Pakistan is a pivotal aspect of the country’s economic landscape. It directly influences international trade, the cost of goods, and the overall financial stability of the nation. By staying informed about the Dollar rate in Pakistan today and utilizing online resources to access forex exchange rates, individuals and businesses can make well-informed financial decisions in this ever-changing economic environment.

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