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Fesco Online bill Check September 2023

You can still Fesco Online bill Check 2023 there if you haven’t received your FESCO bill yet. On this page, you may quickly view your fesco online bill and use it for nothing. The complete bill, together with the most recent bill’s amount and due date, are then visible. 

To make payments, you can print or download a copy of your FESCO WAPDA bill. Therefore, input your 14-digit reference number below to confirm the accuracy of your Fesco electricity statement. 

You can view your fesco e bill if you have an artificial, marketable, or household power connection. To receive your fesco bill online, all you need is the 14-digit reference number, which you can provide in the box above. View the figure below to learn where to find the fesco reference number. 

To access fesco Wapda bill, provide the reference number. On the other hand, you can check the bill history area to see if your bill has been paid or not. You can examine your prior month’s bill before you accept the duplicate bill. You can also obtain a duplicate from FESCO if you misplace the original. This website allows you to check your fesco indistinguishable bill and is accessible from any platform, including mobile, tablet, and desktop computers. 

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 The name Faisalabad Electric Supply Company is abbreviated as FESCO. The electricity provided by FESCO is used by around 4,012,000 visitors. The estimated population of the fesco family is above 26 million. FESCO is one of the swankiest electricity distribution businesses in Pakistan in terms of operational performance due to the exceptionally low percentage of loss in its power distribution system and the quick bill collection. Its main servicing area is Faisalabad, which is known as the Manchester of Pakistan due of its huge cloth diligence. 

 What regions are then included in FESCO’s coverage:

 Service Areas 

 The locations where FESCO must supply and maintain power services are listed below. 

 Faisalabad Sargodha Khushab Mianwali The Chiniot jhang bhakkar, Toba Tek Singh 

 If you reside in one of the megacities on this list or in any other village or city that is governed by these divisions and use fesco, you can get your fesco wapda bill. 

 Online FESCO electric bill check 2023:

  •  Visit the fesco online billing website. 
  • Enter the reference number for your bill in the entry area. 
  • Click the “Check Bill” button to see the amount and due date of the most recent bill. 
  • To view a complete bill that you may download or publish, click “View Full Bill.” 
  • Use this website to see your most recent bill from July 2023. 
  • You can locate your June 2023 bill in your prior bill history or even an older bill if you’re still hunting for it.
  • To retrieve your most recent fesco bill, simply enter your reference number. 

Making FESCO Bill Payments New Update:

 You can pay your FESCO electricity bill online or offline after entering it; further instructions will be given. 

 Online payment :

You can pay your FESCO mileage charge at any of the commercial banks’ and post offices’ branches. 

You must have the published duplicate of the bill in order to make an offline payment:

Online payment You can also pay the bill online with any bank. You may acquire information about internet banking and online bill payment from your bank branch by downloading the bank app. In addition to bank accounts, you can pay your FESCO bijli bill with EasyPaisa or JazzCash. 

 Please consult the FESCO phone book if you need the local hotline number.

FESCO Helpline Number:

  •  Telephone Fax UAN 92(41)9220184
  • 9220229
  • 92(41)9220233
  • 080066554 are the numbers.
  • Call the hotline number right away if you have a problem or an emergency.

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