Latest Update NADRA NICOP Fee November 2023


In November 2023, the National Database & Registration Authority( NADRA) introduced a new chip- grounded smart identification card, bringing a surge of security advancements to the NICOP( National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis). These security features are designed to fortify the identity of Pakistani citizens abiding abroad, making the NADRA NICO P Fee more secure and flexible against phony .

New NICOP Significant

The smart NICOP( National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis) isn’t just an ordinary identification card. It’s now equipped with top- of- the- line security features that set it piecemeal from the regular bones . Then is what makes the new NICOP significant

Chip- Grounded Technology:

The heart of the new NICOP is the bedded chip, which stores vital information securely. This technology significantly reduces the threat of identity theft and counterfeiting.

Biometric Data:

The NICOP now features biometric data similar as fingerprints and facial recognition, making it nearly insolvable for anyone to misuse or replicate the card.

Enhanced Security:

NADRA has gone over and beyond to insure the NICOP is fortified with advanced security measures, making it a trusted form of identification for Pakistanis living overseas.


Significance of NICOP for Pakistanis Abroad:

The NICOP has long been an essential document for Pakistanis abiding or planning to work abroad. It serves as a concrete evidence of identity and facilitates colorful deals and conditioning in foreign countries.

No Passport Number needed for Babe:

For those Pakistanis who have lately ate a new addition to their family while abiding abroad, carrying a NICOP for their infant is a breath. Unlike the regular process, they don’t need to give a passport number.

NICOP figure Structure Update 2023:

As of 2023, NADRA has introduced a revised figure structure for NICOP, classifying countries into Zone A and Zone B, each with its own figure schedule. Then is what you need to know

Categories Zone ANormal ServiceUrgent ServiceExecutive Service
New Smart NICOP$39$57$75
Smart NICOP Modification$39$57$75
Smart NICOP Duplicate$39$57$75
Smart NICOP Renewal$39$39$39
Categories Zone BNormal ServiceUrgent ServiceExecutive Service
New Smart NICOP$39$57$75
Smart NICOP Modification$39$57$75
Smart NICOP Duplicate$39$57$75
Smart NICOP Renewal$39$39$39

Apply for NICOP:

Applying for a NADRA NICO P Fee is a straightforward process. Then are the way you need to follow when visiting a NADRA Registration Center( NRC)

  • Get a Token launch by carrying a commemorative, which will determine your place in the line.
  • Photograph Have your snap taken at the NADRA office. insure you follow the guidelines for a clear and valid picture.
  • Fingerprints and hand do to the counter to give your fingerprints and hand. These biometric data will be securely stored in the NICOP’s bedded chip.
  • Data Entry Your necessary information will be entered into the system, and a form will be generated. Review the form to confirm its delicacy.
  • operation Form Once your form is complete, you’ll be handed a published interpretation of your operation form. corroborate all the details.
  • documentation( if needed) If an documentation by a gazetted officer is necessary, make sure to get it done.
  • Biometric Data of Blood Cousins If any of your blood cousins( father, mama , family, family, son, or son) is present during your visit to the NRC, their biometrics can be captured, barring the need for fresh documentation.


The new chip- grounded smart NICOP is a significant vault forward in icing the security and authenticity of Pakistani citizens living abroad. It offers enhanced protection against identity theft and phony , making it a pivotal document for those working or abiding overseas.

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