New Big Update Zong Khidmat card balance check 2024

Zong Khidmat card balance check Big Update

Pakistan’s Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) is the Zong Khidmat Card. The Ehsaas Program, the Widows Pension Program, and the Disabled Persons Allowance Program are just a few examples of the social welfare programs that can provide this prepaid card to qualifying recipients. The card can be used to make online purchases, pay for products and services, and withdraw cash.

You must fulfil the requirements listed below in order to be eligible for a Zong Khidmat Card:

  • You must reside in the province of Punjab.
  • You must be a recipient of a social welfare program run by the government.
  • A current CNIC (Computerised National Identity Card) is required. Bisp Tehsil Office

You must activate your Zong Khidmat Card by phoning the customer care line at 1234 after your application for one has been approved. Additionally, you will need to register your card with PSPA.

Cash withdrawals from ATM

Cash withdrawals from ATMs, POS (Point-of-Sale) terminals, and some banks are possible with the Zong Khidmat Card. Additionally, it can be used to pay for goods and services at businesses that accept it. The card can be used to buy things online as well.

If you misplace your Zong Khidmat Card, you must notify the PSPA right away. You can accomplish this by dialling 1234 for customer service or by going to the PSPA website.

Zong Khidmat card balance check

Advantages of utilising a Zong Khidmat Card

  1. It is a safe and practical method of receiving government payments.
  2. It can be used to get cash out, pay for things and services, and buy things online.
  3. It is accepted at many different businesses.
  4. It is simple to activate and utilise.

Consider requesting a Zong Khidmat Card if you are a recipient of a government social welfare program in Punjab province. Receiving your benefits in this way is easy and safe.

You can check the balance on your Zong Khidmat Card in a number different ways.

Contact customer assistance at: To find out your balance, call the Zong customer support line at 1234.

Send an SMS: You can also send an SMS with the text “BAL” to the number 78600. Your balance details will be included in the response you receive.

Check online: By logging into your Zong account, you may also check your balance online. Click “Balance Inquiry” under “My Account” to view your account’s balance

Utilise the Zong app: The Zong app can also be used to check your balance. Go to the “Account” area of the app after opening it. To view your balance, tap “Balance Inquiry”

Zong app to check the balance on your Zong Khidmat Card:

  • Get the Zong app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Open the app and log in using your password and Zong cell phone number.
  • Select “Account” from the tabs.
  • Hit “Balance Inquiry” once.
  • The balance will be shown.

Zong Balance check code:

To check the balance on your Zong sim you can follow these steps:

  1. Dial the Balance Check Code: Open the dialer on your mobile phone and dial *222#.
  2. Press the Call Button: After dialing *222#, press the call or send button on your phone.
  3. Receive Balance Information: You will receive a text message on your phone with the details of your Zong balance. This message will include information about your remaining balance, validity, and any other relevant details.

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